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Carpenters provide vital construction services for many types of building and remodeling projects. Above-average growth is projected in the field, which is just one advantage to this career. Others include work flexibility, project variety and robust paid training options that can lead to advancement opportunities.

We can help build various kinds of homes, from condos and townhouses to single-family residences. Carpenters in this category are often involved in framing exterior and interior walls, building stairs and framing decks and roofs. Some of them even build forms for concrete foundations or put up drywall. And some carpenters in this category specialize in working on finishing touches such as installing cabinets, doors, wood floors, and crown molding.

Assist in the construction of hotels, office towers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail developments, and other types of commercial buildings. In addition to wood, carpenters in this area of the trade also frequently work with steel or other materials when framing exterior walls, curtain walls, and interior partitions. Many of them also specialize in building concrete forms or performing various finishing tasks like laying floors or installing paneling, ceilings, and windows.

Take on jobs that involve restoring worn or damaged furniture by using skills related to shaping wood and applying stains, sealing agents, or topcoats. Many woodworkers in this part of the trade repair or refinish wooden antiques and educate people on how to best preserve them.

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